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Jan 16, 2012

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Google+ | What’s All the Hype?

Google vs. Facebook

It’s about time that Google, emperor of the Internet, took on Facebook. Google+ has been producing some great attention in the social media world with around a million users signing up in about five minutes. Some may feel that it’s the exact same thing as Facebook, but Google+ is something different entirely. Facebook may be where the majority of the human population is hanging out, but Google+ has something Facebook could never have.

Why Use Google+?

So, why use Google+ over other social media platforms? What better social media platform to take advantage of then one made by Google itself! Google+ results are integrated into Google search in a way that other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are not. A Facebook page will not rank as well as a Google+ page no matter how much content is on either page.

When you post content onto your Google+ profile, Google will crawl that content like there is no tomorrow. That content is indexed in Google before anyone else can find and clone it. So Google+ is a great way to protect the content you write.

Google+ has the advantage when it comes to exposure and popularity on the web. If you were to post an article on your blog called “What Not to Feed a Pet Bird” and then posted it to your Google+ account, Google would most likely crawl your profile and rank that article in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour.

An All Around Benefit

Whether you are an SEO expert, an author, or a blogger by hobby who just wants to provide people with helpful information, Google+ is the place to go. It is truly a revolutionary tool when it comes to the online social experience.

Proven Results

After posting this article to our Innovation Simple Google+ profile, we already rank on page 3 for such a broad phrase as “Why Use Google+.”

Why Use Google+

Google+ Test Result


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