Why Use WordPress For Blogging

Jun 20, 2011

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Wordpress is a simple and easy way to set up a blog. First released in May 2003, WordPress is the most popular self hosted blogging platform with more than 202 million blogs and websites running on it worldwide. WordPress provides users with a plethora of themes, theme resources, and the ability to use images, and various blog designs and layouts. There are numerous reasons as to why WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet.
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The relative advantages that make WordPress the perfect tool for blogging and adding content to a website are:
  1. You do not need to know php.
  2. You do not have to use the WordPress hosting service. Although this is offered, it is not necessary.
  3. WordPress has aggregator support for standard RSS configurations. This already has been acheived with Atom.
  4. WordPress automatically connects and configures with MySQL.
  5. WordPress is very search engine friendly.
  6. WordPress is easy to customize.
  7. WordPress is easy to integrate with other platforms.
  8. WordPress has a multitude of plugins to choose from.
  9. WordPress automatically imports images.
  10. WordPress allows for the customization of metadata.
  11. WordPress allows customized styling for printing.
  12. WordPress allows the administrator to design headlines.
  13. WordPress allows for categories.
  14. WordPress allows for customization of the sidebar.
  15. WordPress allows for customized RSS feeds.
  16. WordPress allows for customized forms.
  17. WordPress allows for basic blogging posts.
  18. WordPress allows archiving for posts.
  19. WordPress allows for contacts in the template.
  20. WordPress allows for the styling lists and is built with CSS.
An important consideration for bloggers is to appear professional to others. The fact that you have chosen to use the world’s leading blogging package demonstrates that you are taking a business-like approach to your blogging. Unless you have a good reason to go for a different blogging software package, then you should use WordPress.

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