Why Use WordPress – 5 Reasons

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There are many different types of websites online and today I am going to talk about WordPress websites. Now many people would ask why do so many internet marketers like to use WordPress when it is a blogging platform.

Here are some reasons why internet marketers love using WordPress:

1. Functionality
2. User Friendly
3. SEO Friendly
4. Sociable
5. CMS (content management system)

Functionality: When it comes to building a business online one of the major factors is continual growth. Adding content on a regular basis is great food for the search engines. They love fresh content as well. WordPress allows easy addition of content. Adding pages of content is a breeze. It is very adaptable to incorporate with many other systems.

User Friendly: WordPress is very easy for anyone to use both on the backend and on the frontend. You do not have to be a highly skilled webmaster to manage a WordPress site. Its ease of use is also easy for those who visit the frontend as they can search for whatever they are looking for through categories.

SEO Friendly: WordPress is very friendly to search engines as well. This is by far one of the most important features of WordPress are the plugins that you can incorporate. Pinging directories every time you add content is just one way you can be in good graces with search engines. All-In-One SEO Pack, Smart Links, Related Posts, Google XML Sitemaps are just some of the great features that are available when you are doing search engine optimization.

Sociable: The blogging arena has become more popular everyday because it invokes a sense of community. Community is essential on the web as it allows people to publish and share their own ideas. Look at all of the social networks like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more who allow people to join the community. A big banking company Bankrate just bought a WordPress blog that was only 2 years old for $15 million dollars called bankaholic.com. Why would a company spend so much on a two year old blog. Because of the community following and high search engine rankings.

CMS: There are many different blogging platforms out there but WordPress has evolved into more of a content management system. Simply put there are a lot of companies who use WordPress because it allows them to manage their content and manipulate in a way that they want it to. WordPress is continually updating and unlike other CMS sytems you do not have to pay annual fees. You can enjoy all of the updates for free. Managing content on the web is critical and WordPress allows that.

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  1. BlabTalk on 31 Oct 2008 at 11:54 am

    I really like WP, just remember to “backup” your WP site. I forgot to and lost a really nice WP site, due to the web host folding on me.

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