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Mar 25, 2009

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One thing that a lot of consumers do online is search for reviews of any type of product or service. The internet has provided a way for average people to share their thoughts and feelings about any given product or service.

It is human nature to want to know what someone else has said about a particular product, service, person, or company because we as humans are social by nature. Even if we do not know who the other person is we still somewhat care about what others think.

So how can this be vital to you and to your business. There are a couple of things with one being if you have a website where you sell products then you might want to look into making it available for people to write reviews, rate, and comment on particular products.

When people leave comments and reviews on your site you can then start to use your product keywords with reviews as people are always searching for product reviews. For example if I have a tennis racket that I sell and provide a way for people to leave comments then in my meta data I could start to put tennis racket reviews. So when people look for tennis racket reviews in the search engines you might pull up.

Another way of putting your website listed in some of the review queries is to write reviews about particular products, services, or software that you are currently using. If you are already using a piece of software for example you should write a review about it on your website and then go after the keyword: software name reviews.

Even though your website might not be about customer reviews if you write a review on your website or blog and get it indexed in the search engines as well as have people bookmark it then you will have a good chance of that particular page showing up in the search results for product name reviews.

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