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Why Social Media?

Well, the short answer is – because everyone uses it. Social media has become the fastest growing marketing medium in history. Even though social media has been around for years, new opportunities arrive each year in social media, the possibilities continue to grow and change.

We use social media to accomplish 3 major tasks:
  1. Enhance Branding and Public Relations
  2. Strengthen Target Relationships
  3. Increase Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Packages

Packages   Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Responsive Support™
Social Media Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Market Analysis
Media Creation  
Social Media Design and Creation
Integration with Online Media (sharing buttons)
Management Activities  
Facebook Posts
Twitter Posts
Google Plus Posts
YouTube Posts
Pinterest Posts
Other Social Venues
Bookmarking Venues
Integration with Blog
Relationship Management  
Customer Request Management
Following/Subscribing to Other’s Social Media
Promotions, Contests, Coupons, etc
Analytics & Reporting  
Social Media Analytics
Monthly Reports
Level of Service  
Hours per Month 5 8 11 14
Monthly Payment $375/Month $600/Month $825/Month $1,050/Month

We Prefer to Manage Your Marketing

[you will like our holistic approach]

Welcome to…

marketing managed

Marketing Managed™

Why Shift to Marketing Managed?

Marketing Managed improves marketing by:

  • Making life simpler for business owners. We manage your marketing with a proactive approach that simplifies your life.
  • Leveraging human capital for far less investment. Companies can get the skill of a dozen professionals for half of the price.
  • Providing an undiluted outside perspective on your business. This serves as an invaluable asset to nearly any business.
  • Focusing on metrics and what is proven to produce results in today’s business environment.
  • A comprehensive approach. It starts with strategy and works its way through the software that keeps track of everything.

Contact us about marketing managed ™


More About Our Services

Identity Design Learn More

ime logo

Identity design and branding are the primary pieces for any marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns are integrated deeply with the overall philosophy, identity, marketing messages and collateral that businesses use. Innovation Simple takes identity very seriously and tries to find opportunity for improving identity before almost anything else. As part of a managed marketing campaign, this service will springboard into everything else we do for your business. LEARN MORE

Website Development Learn More

parade of homes

Website design and programming are critical pieces at any marketing campaign in the current business world. These services are core and second nature to a large portion of Innovation Simple team members. As part of a holistic approach to marketing in the current business world, team members at Innovation Simple stay up on the latest trends and technology breakthroughs in marketing online. Most lead generation and traffic generation campaigns are integrated deeply with the marketing collateral on the web. LEARN MORE

Search Engine Optimization Learn More


Search engine optimization is the true leader in long term growth on the web for most companies. Coupled with PPC, SEO can truly be the end-all tell-all for most internet marketing campaigns. SEO is the way Innovation Simple generates the lion share of our leads and customers and is also one of the primary ways that we generate leads for our customers. With a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee, this is a great risk-free way to get results. LEARN MORE

Local SEO/Places Optimization Learn More

Maps Optimization

Local business/maps optimization is the newest player in the search engine marketing world. With a faster “speed to market” than SEO, local businesses have started to catch on that this medium could be one of the best for any small business trying to drive traffic from their local market. This powerful new medium is the replacement for phone books. It gets local business listings in directories online where people are searching for small businesses in their area. Talk to Innovation Simple about starting a local business/maps optimization campaign today! LEARN MORE

Conversion Rate Optimization Learn More

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Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the art of getting website visitors to take the desired action and become a lead/opportunity in the sales funnel. The process begins and ends with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. This process is an in-depth process that focuses on the target audience and attempts to speak more effectively with that audience in order to get them to take the desired action. This service is undefined and custom for nearly every situation and client. LEARN MORE