Our inspiration. Our Why. Our vision. Our mission. Our story.

About Innovation Simple

“The business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: Marketing and Innovation.  Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Peter Drucker
Father of Management Theory

Our Purpose

  • Vision Statement: Turn marketing into a science and change the way the businesses view marketing, as a science that can be mastered.
  • Why Statement: Prevent businesses from spending money on under-performing marketing practices.

Our Mission:

  • Make marketing the most valuable, profitable and important part of our client’s business.
  • Be catalysts in building the world’s most scientific and highest performing marketing models, methods, and tools.

10 Core Values:

  1. Author Simplicity – we will author simple tools and solutions that our clients will want to use.
  2. Act Like Owners – we own our position and our sphere and never need to be told how to own it.
  3. Stay Passionate – we are passionate about our work or we don’t do it.
  4. Build Systems – we will never let the same problem happen twice.
  5. Drive Scientific Innovation – we hire the world’s best problem solvers to make marketing better.
  6. Customer Experience is Paramount – we are dedicated to focusing on the customer everyday.
  7. Make Marketing Minds – we make marketers out of everyone we hire and interact with.
  8. Use Robust Communication – we will communicate in a robust and clear manner.
  9. Protect Accountability – we live by an accountable system to our clients and co-workers.
  10. Be Humble – we will reward and operate based on a “the greatest is the servant of all” mentality.