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Current Openings at Innovation Simple Inc.

Search Marketing Specialists

Location: Provo, Utah

Content marketing is all about creating content that can be shared on the latest communication mediums online and can be leveraged to create results for businesses. Innovation Simple is looking for an SEO strategist, content marketer, and/or content writer who exemplifies Innovation Simple culture of communication, accountability, long term human relationships. Experience as an SEO in a professional capacity is expected.

Posted: 04-05-15

Software Engineering Interns

Location: St. George, Utah

As part of Innovation Simple’s software division, we seek intelligent individuals that can join our software support and engineering team. Coding is done in Python/Django/JavaScript/SASS and speaking is done in English.

Posted: 04-27-15

How to Proceed:

All hiring is done by Gaydon Leavitt. Contact him at 435-275-7001 or fill out an application form and put all the information you can to help us get to know why you might be a good fit for our company.

Important Notice:

Many times employment positions are considered even if they are not listed on this page. If you feel that you would be a good fit for our organization, we invite you to fill out an application form.