Promoting personality and professionalism all across Utah.

Utah Web Design

At Innovation Simple we design every website according to the custom needs of each client. We specialize in custom Utah web design. We love to promote the personality and professional feel of your company in every website. However, we don’t have the high ticket price like the other web design guys. With us it’s your colors, your style, and your look. If you do not have a look yet, let’s create one by starting with a logo! Learn more about logo design.

Utah Web Design Service Areas

Salt Lake City, Utah Web Design

Salt Lake City Utah Web Design

As of August 2009, Innovation Simple is serving the Salt Lake City area full time with staff in Salt Lake City for free consultations. Innovation Simple has been doing web design in salt lake city and surrounding areas for years, but can now better serve clients in the northern Utah area including Provo, Ogden, and Logan.

St. George, Utah Web Design

St George Utah Web Design

The brithplace of Innovation Simple is St. George, Utah and that city continues to be one of the lifelines of Innovation Simple day in and day out. We cover all of the southern utah and St George area for web design. We also have a network of contractors that we use for different aspects of our development and marketing services.

Cedar City, Utah Web Design

Cedar City Utah Web Design

Cedar City is where Innovation Simple first started to grow. Still servicing Cedar City small business, Innovation Simple relies more and more on Cedar City partners and clients as the years go by. Cedar City is a growing city and a great market for small business web design. We enjoy working in the Cedar City area and with the wide range of businesses that call Cedar City home.

Logan, Utah Web Design

Logan Utah Web Design

As Innovation Simple services have expanded to Salt Lake City, it has become much more feasible to target areas such as Logan, Utah for small business web design. We are now servicing Logan web design and development needs full time. Logan needs Innovation Simple.

Provo, Utah Web Design

Provo Utah Web Design

As Innovation Simple services have expanded to Salt Lake City, Provo has become a clear target for Innovation Simple’s small business web design and Utah SEO services. We hope that companies is Provo, Utah will consider Innovation Simple when choosing a Utah web design company.

Utah Web Development

The development of any website comprises the code and the graphics. At Innovation Simple we go through every step needed to create the highest quality code while keeping our solutions cost effective. From start to finish, your project is handled by our web developers completely customized to your needs. Our software engineers are highly skilled and training with dozens of years of experience in the web development and software engineering fields. Innovation Simple developers are experts are proficient in major web technologies including: Linux, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Python, JavaScript, AJAX, WordPress, Shopping Carts (such as Magento, OpenCart, ZenCart, OS Commerce, etc) and more.