2012: Search n Social

Mashable Business published a great article with an Infographic from M Booth and Beyond.

search and social infographic

*Infographic courtesy of M Booth and Beyond

Ramifications for 2012

This trend is not new. Forester Research predicted the internet and interactive media to dominate all forms of marketing in business by 2012 – and here we are. This year looks to be a great year for Search marketing and Social Media with these two mediums taking over some of the traditional forms of marketing. Phone books are a dying breed and Google and Facebook have taken over.

There is another marketing trend that is brewing right now that will make a big difference in 2012 for some marketers, but I will leave that for another day….

About Author: Gaydon Leavitt is the President of Innovation Simple which takes a strategic marketing approach to small business. Innovation Simple doesn’t just build websites, they build businesses and actually help write marketing plans and strategic plans for businesses. Innovation Simple as a managed marketing provider for helping create and develop marketing plans and materials for small businesses in today’s market.


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As a business consultant at Innovation Simple John works with clients both on the sales side and the support side. His biggest trait is his “Get It Done” and “Team Player” attitude. His diversified background as a real estate agent, loan officer, real estate investor, business mentor and search engine optimization specialist help him consult with and mentor clients. John has a master’s degree in common sense marketing and takes a simple approach to providing solutions, ideas and goals.

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