Adobe Flash Animation

More power and appeal.

Adobe Flash

Why add Adobe Flash to your Website?

Adding Flash to your custom website can give it that needed piece of enhancement! Flash can be used for many of the examples below, banners on your home page, a slide show to show off products and services or an animation to really add excitement to the page!

Click a thumbnail to view the Flash piece live.

Video in Flash

Video in flash can be a really smooth way to show video and allow for content changes. Check out this flash piece for Ideal Financial Solutions:


Slideshows usually consist of 4-10 images rotating through examples of products, work and much more.


Banners usually rotate images with text and other messages about products, services and other parts of a company.


Animations usually promote a product, but can consist of examples like a couch folding out and going back in, a pop can filling up from top to bottom or a helicopter flying by with a banner linked to an internal or external page. These are just some of the possible animations that could be created in flash.