HAPPY Guarantee

Innovation Simple integrity in action

Happy Guarantee

Serious About Service

At Innovation Simple, we are so confident in our integrity and ability to give you what we say we are going to give you, we guarantee our integrity and your happiness 100%. We feel that we make this guarantee because we won’t contract to do anything for you that we don’t feel that we will be able to deliver completely. This includes web design and development services and other marketing services that you may contract to do with us.

What does this mean?

  • We will never run off with your money and not do your project.
  • We will never avoid your phone calls or emails.
  • We will never not fulfill our part of our agreement with you.

Please read testimonials or request references in relation to our services from our support staff.

If for any reason, you are unhappy with the results of your website project or contacted services or you feel we have not given you what you were contracted to receive, contact our support team for undying support until we get it right (within the realm of your agreement with us). Whether its design, functionality, results, or whatever else you feel is important, we will make sure you get what you were supposed to get.

Happy Guarantee Disclaimer

Please be aware that this guarantee must fall within the realm of what Innovation Simple contractually agreed to do. Fraudulent claims will not be tolerated. Also be aware that this is not a money-back guarantee, but a happy guarantee. Innovation Simple implies no refunds or money-back options in conjunction with this guarantee.