See why Innovation Simple excels in managed hosting.

Us vs Big Shared Hosts

Why is Innovation Simple Better?

In this document, we will outline the benefits to using Innovation Simple as opposed to other hosting providers regardless of whether you are a web design customer of ours or not. In this page, we will reference “big shared hosts” or other hosting companies. These hosts could be a variety of hosts and typically refer to, but are not limited to, hosts such as: Go Daddy, Network Solutions, Blue Host, Host Monster, 1 & 1, and many more.

Below are some reasons why using Innovation Simple is a smart choice over the “big shared hosts” that are out there:

Website Experts – Not Trained Sales people

We are web designers. We are designers, programmers, and marketers for websites. We specialize in what websites need and require. When you use a big shared host, you get customer service representatives that are trained sales people and trained customer service representatives and not web people who understand your needs when it comes to building, maintaining, and servicing your website.

Open Source Platform Experts

Our hosting solutions are built around the idea of deploying open source technology and products. Our technology is built to run systems such as Magento, WordPress, OSCommerce, Joomla, and other open source products. In addition, our hosting service is optimized to run script heavy and database intensive pieces of software such as Magento. Not only that, if you need help with these systems, our web design team is familiar with them and can help you if you get stuck on something.

Customizable Servers – Not Cookie Cutter Solutions

Our hosting environment is customizable from the root of the server. We deploy custom applications and software configurations for all of our clients and we know when these additions are needed because we are web designers; we get websites. With big shared hosts, you can’t get this level of customization that is sometimes needed to run your website more effectively. This same principle affects security, which is mentioned herein as well.

Hacker Tested – Verified Security

There are two primary reasons for increased security in our hosting environment compared to big shared hosts. #1 – Our servers are configured using stricter security settings that you wouldn’t typically find at a shared host. Because of the variety of accounts and websites that may be hosted on a shared server at a big host, the server security settings are typically configured a bit looser to accomodate for these various accounts. Innovation Simple servers are configured as strict as possible in regards to security, providing increased protection from hackers, spammers, and other problems. #2 – Our hosting environment is hacker tested and built for processing online transactions. Any client of ours can be verified for PCI compliance by Innovation Simple and its security partners. Simply put, this typically isn’t an option with a large shared host. Correcting security vulnerabilities and changing security server settings at a shared host isn’t possible for YOUR account specifically. You are at the mercy of the host who is NOT responsible for your security measures when it comes to PCI compliance. For more on PCI compliance requirement, visit our PCI Compliance page.

24/7/365 Sonar Monitored

Humans monitor our hosting service daily. This allows us to view bandwidth and disk space usage on your account to verify that everything. Our hosting technology utilizes 24/7/365 Sonar Monitoring which alerts us if there are any outages on the server or the network.

Our Bigger Pants – Robust Cloud Hosting

Like the pants you inherited from your little brother when you were a kid, a lot of times you will “grow out of” your hosting plan with the big shared hosts. You won’t grow out of our hosting. This is because our hosting infrastructure is cloud based and is scalable on demand. This means that we can scale up and down at will to meet our client’s demands when it comes to server resources and power. Migrating your website from a server you have grown out of won’t happen with us.

American Support – Native English Speaking

American workers in our offices in Utah are the support technicians that will answer your questions. We guarantee a 48 response time. We are dedicated to responsiveness and reliability. There are reviews online about all kinds of hosting companies that have serious support issues and communication breakdowns due to overseas support representatives.

Less Spam – Network Integrity – Less Risky

Big share hosts have a typical problem with spam and blacklisting because of the types of accounts that they allow to run on their networks. This can result in blacklisted IP address which can cause mail delivery issues or even having your IP banned from search engines or ISPs, all from no fault of your own. This is because on shared hosts, your IP is the same IP as so many other websites and those sites are not monitored for integrity. At Innovation Simple, we carefully monitor and control what types of sites run on our hosting infrastructure and do not allow such sites. This great enhances the integrity of our IP addresses and greatly reduces risk of downtime and problems for our clients.

Zero Overselling – Preventative Maintenance

Our hosting packages are not “unlimited” plans – meaning and we do not oversell our servers. We take a “preventative maintenance” approach to hosting – we keep our hosting as fast as possible and meticulously monitor the load of the servers to determine any server hardware upgrades that may be in order. This keeps our infrastructure stable, eliminates risk of downtime due to overusage, and enables us to provide our clients lightning fast hosting and the unmatched network and application uptime that we offer. For more information on overselling hosting/servers, visit our blog post on unlimited hosting plans.

Lightning Fast Servers – Super Optimized

Our cloud hosting technology, backed by our optimized configurations and robust RAM allocation, ensures super fast web hosting at unmatched levels. Compare us to anyone.

100% Network Uptime – Steller Application Uptime

The data center we use, along with the facility equipment and infrastructure enable us to provide the unmatched 100% network uptime guarantee. This doesn’t mean that websites on our server are up 100% of the time (its more like 99.9%), which may be down briefly during off-peak hours for server upgrades, security updates, or other reasons. However, it does mean that our network (the internet connectivity of our servers to the web) is impeccable and that we are in the most reliable data center possible.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

With technology, its always smart to ask potential vendors if they are their own customer. With Innovation Simple, our websites and other software that we deploy, all run off of our own servers (the same servers that run our clients websites). Rest assured, no one is more motivated to keep performance high and eliminate downtime than Innovation Simple. If our clients websites are down, our own websites are down. You can be confident that we keep a close eye on our servers and hosting environment.