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We sell domain names as well as host DNS for those domain names for less.

Domain Names

Keeping Domain Names Simple

At Innovation Simple, we are asked frequently what we recommend our clients to when purchasing a domain name. Certainly you have several options. The main concern that we have is that you own your domain. This resolves concerns later if you would like to change hosts etc.. We have many clients that have left their old web providers to come to Innovation Simple (good choice) and have problems because their old provider owned their domain name.

To avoid these and other problems, we suggest you setup your won account and get your won domain names. We at Innovation Simple, CAN sell you a domain name. We can also register one for you in our name, but that is not what we are about. Get your own account at Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or whomever your preferred provider might be for domain names (there are many others). We do not recommend particularly So in summary:

  • If you are wanting to be hands-off about this topic, call us and ask us to register a domain name for you for $12/year.
  • Otherwise, jump online or call Network Solutions or GoDaddy and get an account setup where you can register domains at will. We can take it from there as far as getting your website hosted properly with email etc..