Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is just one SEO technique that provides value in ways other activities can’t. As search engine users browse the Web, they’re searching for content that is relevant to their exact needs. Figuring out what those needs are and then writing an article that answers those needs in a unique way is the essence of article marketing.

You have a very short period of time to capture their interest and convince them to stick around to read what you’re offering. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, they’re more likely to share what they’ve read with others.

How Can I Get Others to See My Articles?

Sure, your website is full of valuable, shareable content, but is anyone seeing it? Probably not if your site isn’t already popular. This is where off-site resources come into play, like:

  • Sharing your articles on social media and social bookmarking networks where your target audience is hanging out.
  • Sharing your articles on popular blogging platforms like Squidoo and Tumblr.
  • Using HARO to attract journalists who may potentially use your content in the press.

Our Article Marketing Solutions

Innovation Simple provides proven article marketing solutions for our Utah SEO clients. We work directly with business owners and marketing reps to produce content that converts by using the most up-to-date, relevant tools and resources available.

For more information on our article marketing services, call us today at (855) 238-8444.