"Who is your ideal client?"

Innovation Simple Markets

Our Demographic Market

  • Small and mid-size companies who are growing or healthy.
  • These companies are typically in the professional sector or are businesses that are licensed to do what they do.
  • These companies typically have 1-10 employees.
  • These businesses typically have a believe in the need to use the internet for marketing purposes. They believe that their web presence can produce business.
  • These businesses are typically looking to gain market share through current marketing techniques.

Our Geographic Market

  • Utah and Nevada are the primary geographic markets for Innovation Simple.
  • The Utah areas of: Great Salt Lake City, Greater Provo, St. George and Cedar City are particular favorites.
  • The Nevada cities of Greater Las Vegas and Mesquite are also areas of specific interest to Innovation Simple.

For effective Utah web design or Las Vegas web design solutions, think Innovation Simple.