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You Who?

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Random Facts About Video Here are some random facts about internet video that ANY business owner MUST know – especially a business owner that has a website. According to ComScore, in November 2010, Google Sites once again ranked as the top U.S. video property with nearly 5.1 billion videos viewed (representing a 40 percent share of all videos viewed), with…
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YouTube 2010 Review

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YouTube is a popular place to watch videos and the amount of videos watched and uploaded is on the rise. During this last year in 2010 there more than 700 billion watched videos online and more than 13 million videos uploaded to YouTube alone. YouTube is becoming more of a Continue Reading »

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Do Video Spokespersons Help SEO?

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video spokesperson on innovationsimple.com
At Innovation Simple we have created a product line called IUSHER which is a series of overlay messages that are used to help both the visitor and the owner of a site. One of the overlay messages in the IUSHER product line is the video spokesperson which can be used in a variety of ways. Continue Reading »

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