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Live Chat Services

Option #1: Innovation Simple Chat

Innovation Simple has chat software that we can customize for you and install on your website. This option is good if you need something that costs less than the $100/seat that you will pay for other professionally hosted chat services such as Live Person.

  • Chat software could be used as a Sales or Support chat to convert visitors into leads or just answer questions.
  • Chat software would be installed on client’s domain and will be running on Innovation Simple servers.
  • Client will be trained on how to use the chat software by Consultant.
  • Setup starts at $1,500 and goes up from there based on customization needed by the client.
  • Hosting for this chat follows the hosting costs listed at Innovation Simple hosting packages. The size of the default software is small enough to run on our $5/month hosting package. The reason for the hosting being any higher than that would be the amount of data transfer that the software produces due to daily use.

Option #2: LIVE Person Chat Services

This awarding-winning live chat service has a proven track record in helping companies increase sales and improve customer service.

  • More than 7,000 Small & Midsize Business (SMB) customers are using LivePerson’s award-winning live chat and contact center solutions to improve online sales, deliver live help and manage interactions across all channels: chat, voice, email, and self-service/knowledgebase.
  • Increase conversion rates: visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy, and their average order sizes are 35% higher than non-chatters.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: chatters are twice as likely to return to the same website within a day, and exit surveys reveal that 85-90% of chatters rate their service experiences as “good” or “excellent”.
  • Lower service costs and improve productivity: Shifting service requests from phone to chat can reduce the average cost per interaction by 80%.
  • Be sure to visit our website for a quick demo of LivePerson’s affordable and easy-to-use live chat, email management, VoIP click-to-talk, and self-service/knowledge-base products!
  • Close sales online with visitors who hesitate on product pages or in the shopping cart by inviting them to a live chat with a product specialist.
  • Increase average order values by cross-selling or up-selling complimentary products or accessories. You will also improve shoppers’ experience and build customer loyalty.
  • Improve first contact resolution through hands-on assistance from an online support representative. Live chat offers the best balance of real-time communication, customer satisfaction and cost.

Innovation Simple recommends LIVE Person for all of your live chat needs! Not only can we help you understand and utilize Live Chat, we can also sell you their service for cheaper than you would pay for it directly from LIVE Person!

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