We build custom tools at an affordable rate.

Web-Based Tools and Modules

At Innovation Simple we are continually trying to develop new modules and tools for the ease-of-use of our clients and their customers. Some examples of these modules are loan & mortgage calculators, contact scripts, news subscription scripts, MySQL calendars and a number of other small modules.

Applications such as calendars, information request forms, bid calculators, loan calculators, and much more are different types of modules, plugins or tools that we build. Most of these tools are used to enhance interactivity with website users and enhance the overall user experience.


If you want to promote your schedule through a MySQL calendar and change it easily from time to time, or put your company tools on your site as a free use to the customer then you may want this.

Mortgage Calculator

We have a mortgage calculator that is very comprehensive for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or bankers.

Custom Applications

Innovation Simple can build applications where your sub-contractors or vendors or customers can log on and get information regarding their account, make a payment, or other features. If you can think of something in your business that needs to be automated or could be smoothed out with software, we can build it for you at an affordable rate.