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Marketing Training & Certification

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Who We Train

We train the individuals, teams and companies whose focus is on marketing their organizations.

This training is specifically design for small business (small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is made up of enterprises which employ fewer than 500 persons).

Any industry can benefit from our trainings. The trainings are applicable and adaptable to all industries and we try to not favor one sector over another.

Training is done by “in the field” experts are given under the premise that attendees are looking for shortcuts to success and maximum marketing efficiency.

Types of Training

  • Live Workshops – Groups of Individuals in an in-person teaching setting
  • Group Coaching – Groups of individuals on remote phone calls
  • One-on-One Coaching – 1 individual in a personalized in-person setting
  • Corporate Consulting – 1 corporation with a customized in-person approach
  • Live Webinars – 1 individual attending a live group webinar
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars – 1 individual watching a recorded webinar
Gaydon Training in a group

Most Popular Training

  • Marketing Equation and Diagnosis – This training will help attendees understand the framework for a successful marketing campaign and will walk them through how to diagnose their current marketing, frame their company for marketing success, and write a new marketing plan based on that framework.
  • USP and Offers – This training is the most powerful training in terms of the impact it can make on any business regardless of industry or outside factors. We train on how to relentlessly evolve USP which help companies differentiate themselves in their marketplace.
  • Messaging and Naming – Messaging and naming is usually a by-product of the owner’s opinion. In this training, attendees see the light as to what users and consumers think about the name and messaging used in their branding and advertising.
  • WordPress – This popular training gives SMBs a further look into how to leverage WordPress for great results with website conversions and organic rankings in search engines.
  • Inbound Marketing – This training focuses on the basics of organic SEO and Social Media Marketing in order to impress search engines. The basics of content marketing, blogging, article marketing, and press release strategies are discussed.
  • Social Media – This training dives deep into social media and why it has such a great effect on small business. How to monetize and leverage social media is the crux of this most valuable training.
  • Marketing Conversion and Analytics – Analytics is often overlooked by SMBs and reveals opportunity that can make a huge impact to the bottom line. This training reveals simple steps to improving your conversion through superior analytics and measurement tools.
  • False Focus – This core business training is about how to focus on the right thing and to quit working on the things that will make the littlest difference in your business. This training reveals (in workshop format) exactly what you need to do to grow you business and maybe more importantly, what you should not be spending your time on.


Live Events

  • Half day – $499/person (materials)
  • Full day – $1,200/person (materials + lunch)
  • Two day – $2,500/person (materials + lunch x2)

Live Webinars

  • 1 hour – $49
  • 2 hour – $99

Pre-Recorded Webinars

  • 1 hour – $29
  • 2 hour – $49


  • Live Consultation – $250 per hour
  • Phone/Video chat Consultation – $125 per hour

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Get Certified

Our certification program will help you scale the corporate ladder and help you acquire a position as a marketing director or coordinator. Business owners can send their marketing coordinators to our certification program to become more effective at helping their small business grow. This cost-effective training keeps marketing costs way down and delivers much needed results.


The Trust Mark

This trust mark is based on the idea that we can show documentation of completed courses and adequate knowledge of a variety of marketing topics and how these topics work together to create a sucessful marketing campaign or plan. Becoming certified will allow you to display our trust mark on your website to build credibility and trust with your employer or prospective employers.

Who Trains?

We train using ‘boots on the ground’ talent who work day-in and day-out in this space and educate on the basic dogma that will change the way small businesses look at their marketing as well as the specific skills needed to really make a certain piece of marketing go big.

We bring other big name talent into our training that have specialized skills to impart.

Mike Green

Executive Team

With over 15 years of marketing and sales experience, Mike brings a unique focus to strategic marketing and how to make it successful. His focus on client relationships and innovative marketing solutions have helped a wide range of companies in differing markets achieve extraordinary results. Mike’s understanding of digital marketing combined with years of traditional marketing experience give him a unique perspective when creating a marketing solution for a client.

After spending a few years in the direct sales industry, Mike Green was hired by real estate development company that pioneered the retirement lifestyle housing development concept in Utah. Mike quickly ascended to the Director of Marketing role for the company due to his unique ability to identify key markets and how to reach them. In addition to his role as Marketing Director, Mike also served on the executive team that drove over $50 million per year in gross sales. Mike spent over 10 years marketing exclusively in the real estate development industry before expanding his scope to other markets. As Vice President of Marketing for Innovation Simple, Mike focuses on brand development and strategic planning in enrich the Innovation Simple brand.

In addition to his professional work experience, Mike is also a talented teacher and communicator. Mike excels in helping others identify key components for their success and developing a strategic plan for capitalization.

Mike resides in the Provo, Utah area with his wife of 13 years and 3 children.

Consulting areas include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Product Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Niche Marketing – Digital and Traditional

G Marketing Consulting

Gaydon Leavitt

Branding, Inbound Marketing, and Internal Leverage

Gaydon’s background in the industry started with sales and marketing in the tele-communications and automotive industries. After working at a Ford Dealership near Las Vegas as the internet manager, Gaydon left Ford and followed an entrepreneurial spirit that has taken him to this point. January 1, 2007 Gaydon started the company now known as Innovation Simple with a few ideas and a few thousand bucks. Innovation Simple has grown steadily each year and now services clients all over the US as well as other countries.

Gaydon’s core skills are centered in management and leadership. As a gifted teacher, Gaydon has been able to have great success selling services as well as finding and training new talent. Gaydon is highly motivated, super organized, and detail oriented. In addition, he has a creative and logical mind. Gaydon is known in circles as one who can “create and implement” and is extremely intellectual. Gaydon’s designers eye has helped Innovation Simple develop a strong creative department and his sound logical side has helped him build a successful business.

Gaydon has a broad knowledge of marketing and technology, which serves as a great asset to his fellow staff members. Employees are known to consult Gaydon on a variety of topics and get intelligent answers. Gaydon is able to help marketers, designers, programmers, system administrators, writers, and other professionals improve their process and effectiveness.

Mike resides in the Provo, Utah area with his wife of 13 years and 3 children.

Consulting areas include:

  • Marketing Diagnosis and Equation – how businesses should approach marketing and construct marketing plans based on a correct diagnosis.
  • Internal Leverage – how businesses create profit and automation without adding more tools.
  • Hiring and Recruiting – learn how to hire in such as way that employees become trusted business partners.
  • Brand Strategy – learn how messaging and material make all the difference in getting your brand to the top.

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