11 Ways to Collect Email Addresses

Jul 27, 2008

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One of the most important things to do when you are doing business is to collect information from potential customers. Both online and offline businesses need more customers. The best way to collect information from potential customers for an online business is to collect their email. Here are 11 different ways to collect email addresses.

1. Your website: Use a sign-up form on your site of a newsletter, drawing, or anything they could sign-up for.

2. Contests: Register participants address into something they can win.

3. Trade Shows: Offer free product drawing in which they give you their information.

4. Networking Events: Correspond with individuals who are in your industry.

5. Business Cards: On the back of your card, promote your site and opportunity to receive informative e-mails or tips in your newsletters.

6. Seminars: Conduct seminars on your area of expertise, and have people sign-up for future announcements, seminars, or discounts.

7. Coupons: Offer special promotions through e-mail only.

8. Direct Mail: Inform readers about your e-mail community and the value of information it would provide.

9. Surveys: Conduct surveys where you learn what your customers have to say, but you also receive their information.

10. Current E-mail Lists: If your recipients feel there is great value by being a part of your community, then they will want to share your e-mail with their friends. Allowing them to share your e-mail may easily grow your list.

11. In-Store: If you have a storefront, allow people to sign-up for specials, deals, announcements in your store.

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