Spotify: Revolutionizing How We Do Music

Oct 31, 2013

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Growing up with a love for music in the 90s often meant waking up on Saturdays to listen to the top 40 on the radio, or dialing up your local radio station to ask them to play your favorite song, which you couldn’t actually hear otherwise. But the 21st century has evolved music listening entirely. Going to the store to buy a newly-released CD is unheard of nowadays and people can listen to their favorite songs whenever they want, with or without the radio’s consent.

Although there’s been a lot of contributors to the evolution of music-listening (the iPod and iTunes being the biggest contributors I can think of), Spotify is the new music-sharing application that everyone is talking about.

Spotify not only gives listeners practically unlimited access to anything they want to listen to, but it also complements the pre-existing music tastes of each listener. By providing daily music suggestions, sharing biographies and related artists for each musician or band, and offering the radio feature, music fans can expand their music interests daily (and many do).

Spotify has solved many of the problems that other music providers couldn’t. Unlike Pandora, you can listen to full albums of single artists without the radio feature (even though the radio feature is also available through Spotify). Unlike iTunes, you can listen to full songs without purchasing anything. Unlike Grooveshark, you can read biographies and find related artists with every band you follow. Spotify has it all.

So put your scratched CDs away, and download the Spotify application—within minutes you’ll find a universe of music at your fingertips.

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