25 Main Launches New Website

Oct 5, 2010

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St. George Utah is home to several great restaurants and among the top of the list is 25 Main. 25 Main is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at www.25main.com which shows off the great menu and their delicious cupcake schedule. 25 Main came to Innovation Simple to give their website an updated look as well as really promote what they are good at which is awesome food.

The website promotes the restaurant in a clear and simple navigation along with the home page. We wanted to make the website highlight what 25 Main is famous for and make it easy for users to quickly see where they are located, what is on the menu, what their food looks like and what their cupcake schedule is.

Here is a screenshot of the home page:
25main.com home page screenshot

I can tell you that their cupcakes are the best I have ever tasted and they continue to come up with more and more flavors. The menu will show you what they offer as well as the gallery will give you an idea of what their food looks like. If you are looking for great food at a great price and eat in a great atmosphere then 25 Main is the place to go.

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