3 Tips to Socialize your Website

Nov 20, 2012

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In this post I would like to share 3 tips on how you can better socialize your website. The 3 tips are the following:

1) Add Social Sharing to every page/blog
2) Add Social following to your site
3) Social toolbar

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Add Social Sharing

One of my favorite tools that you can use to accomplish this real quickly is the addthis.com plugin. You can add this plugin if you are on a common platform such as WordPress or you can take the code and add it to your site manually. Using a plugin is one of the faster ways however to socializing your website.

This tool will allow your visitors to share your content easily on the platform of their choice if they really like it. This kind of referral traffic can be a huge benefit to help you with your online marketing goals.

Add Social Following to your Site

There is a difference between this point and the last point. Sharing your content is great but getting a follow is better. Allowing people to “follow” you can be a huge benefit to you. Imagine sharing all of your future blog posts via your Facebook page. If they follow you already, then chances are they will come back to your site.

This concept goes hand in hand with the idea of building your 25 “super fans”. If you get 25 people to LOVE what content you put out, then you will go much further than having 1000 ordinary people who follow you. Allow people to follow you and you will create more super fans.

Social Toolbar

One toolbar that I love is the new Wibiya.com toolbar. Their new toolbar is far better than the old toolbar. It has built in features like subscribe via email to get them to come back to the site over and over again. It also has great ways to get people to follow you AND share your content. All of these things can help you increase your referral visitors to your site!

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