3 Tools to Help YouAutomate Your Social Media

Nov 8, 2012

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Tool #1: Hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is one of the greatest available tools produced since social media began. I have been using Hootsuite for several years (the Pro version), and it has helped me tremendously in creating timely social media updates.

As the Social Media Manager, there are a lot of Facebook pages on my plate (upwards to 50+), and there’s nothing more depressing than going through each page every single day to make an update manually. That’s why I use Hootsuite to help me schedule all of those updates from one single platform.

I highly recommend Hootsuite if you are going to be making a ton of updates. I suggest 3 per day at most. Set it up, and forget about it!

Tool #2: IFTTT.com

I LOVE this! IFTTT is probably my favorite tool, second to Hootsuite. IFTTT.com helps you automate your social networks via RSS feeds and other triggers that you can set up to make automatic updates.

Automate the Internet just by taking 1 hour out of your day to set this baby up. I haven’t been on the site since I shot this video, and it’s still working for me.

Tool #3: dlvr.it

Do you like to blog? Do you have social media profiles that you don’t use very much? If your online goal is to build up a great social following and to get traffic to your website, this tool is definitely for you.

Dlvr.it helps you distribute your blog posts to all of your social networks almost effortlesslyy. Not only does it give you sexy analytics telling you the number of visitors who click your links, but it also tells you if there are problems with your feed down the road.

Make Your Life Easier

I would suggest these tools if you want to truly automate your Social Media Marketing. NOW GO AND DO!

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