5 Reasons to Maintain a Good Brand Image

Feb 28, 2014

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In today’s world there is an online review for everything. At the swipe of a screen you can find everything you would ever want to know about a person. This is why it is crucial for CEOs in this era to make sure that their online brand image is in good standing. In this post we will look at five reasons why you should maintain a good reputation online.

Customers may consider a CEO’s reputation before buying from or endorsing a company. This is especially true if you are offering long-term services. If the CEO has a bad reputation it could give people the wrong idea of the entire company.

Online reputation can help establish CEOs at thought leaders and industry experts. CEOs should always be looking for new ways to lead their industry. They should want to help their customers and the consumer in any way possible. It is pivotal to create the mindset in each customer that the CEO is the go-to person for information.

We cannot forget shareholders. These partners have a big influence on what happens to your company or organization. They decide whether or not they will be investing and ultimately could ruin your business if they don’t like what they see online.

Media coverage is influenced by online presence and reputation. A lot of times journalist consider a CEO’s reputation before deciding whether to write about or interview them. A journalist will want to be able to work with the CEO to get the right angle for the story and what direction they want to take it. If the CEO is known as being uncooperative the journalist will turn elsewhere for a quote, ultimately weakening the CEO’s reputation more.

Search results can either heighten or bring down potential hires. Be aware of what is out there. Any information that has been put out about you can be seen by other people. It is critical for CEOs to have positive things written about them. New hires can research a company online and decide if they ultimately will accept offers.

To learn more about ways you can improve your brand image visit forbes.com.

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