5 Steps To Writing Web Copy

Sep 23, 2008

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When writing content for a webpage there are several things to keep in mind to help to sell customers in your writing. Here are 5 steps to writing good web content:

1. What is the problem?

2. Why has the problem not been solved?

3. What is possible?

4. What is now different?

5. What should then happen?

The first and most important thing to start out with is to identify what the problem is. What type of problems do your product or service offer? If they don’t solve a problem then why should people need it or buy it? A few sentences will do in identifying the problems that your product solves.

Then if your product does solve a problem then why has the problem not been solved before now or before your product was created. This will go into something like the technology has not been advanced enough or we did not have the right type of material. This also goes into defining the problem.

What is possible. This is where you will paint a picture of what their life would be like if the problem was solved. This is where you show how great life would be and how much simpler things could be if this problem was no more.

After that you will then go into why things are different now and how you have a product that solves this huge dilema and how it has changed the way people live. This is where you will put your best foot forward and show them how great and incredible life is because you have a product that makes the problems history. This is where the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will come into play.

Then finally the most important thing after you tell someone that you can solve their problem you must have what I call CTA, call to action. You have to instruct people what to do next and do not assume that it is obvious. People have to be led to the water so to speak so there must be some form of action. Call this phone #, fill out this form, email information to, sign-up today, hurry and get registered, etc.

These are some things that will help you to get more people to sign up for and buy your product or service. As you show someone in great detail about how life is and how you make it better your conversions will increase and always make sure that you give them a call to action or give them something to do.

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