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Feb 24, 2014

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It’s a Beautiful Life

This is what you might call the “miscellaneous” category when it comes to blogs — a little bit of food, a little photography, maybe even some fashion tips. While trying to track down the 7 most well designed lifestyle blogs I came across some of the most talented and interesting people on the Internet. Whether you’re just looking for some mild entertainment or you’re actually hoping to learn something from these people, following their blogs is a sure way to add some flavor to your days. Here they are, the 7 most attractive lifestyle blogs on the web:

7. One More Mushroom: At first glance, you may think that this is just another one of those DIY blogs run by a mom somewhere in the suburbs, but it’s so much more. It’s also beautifully designed and holds huge potential as a family-centered lifestyle blog. From the photography to the font choice, this blog is fun.

6. Bluebird: Created by stylist and owner of Bluebird Vintage, this blog is simple and invokes feelings of beauty, just like its name. It’s modern without being edgy and classy without being stuffy. Take a look!

5. Practising Simplicity: This is a great example of practicing (or should I say “practising”?) what you preach. The design is both gorgeous and strikingly simple. Above all, though, this site won my heart with one simple element: attractive ads. Say goodbye to the obnoxiously hideous banner ads and popups; this site has ads that I actually WANT to look at. Thank you, Practising Simplicity. Classy move.

4. P.S. – I Made This: Following the current trend of boxy web design, this modern looking blog is super attractive from header to footer. The target market here is pretty obviously DIYers and mommy-bloggers, and they do a great job of keeping that “homestyle” feel throughout the site.

3. Love Taza: I would like to hereby award the creators of this blog with the Cutest Family Ever award. This is definitely one of my favorite sites in every way: the design, the photography, the writing, THOSE KIDS!!! If you are ever having a bad day, spend 2 minutes surfing around Love Taza and you’ll feel happier than ever.

2. Lune: This one has an obvious vintage tone that has trickled down from its origins in a small, Canadian vintage shop. What began as a means of promoting business has become a hugely popular blog that you should definitely be checking on a regular basis.

1. Ungt Blod: Wondering what that name even means? Turns out it’s Danish for “Young Blood”. Can you see it now? (Don’t feel bad if you can’t.) This multi-talented designer and photographer understands that it’s all about presentation. Yes, she has fantastic photography and great content, but it’s the way she formats her site that makes this the best looking lifestyle blog I’ve ever seen.

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