7 Tips for Content Writing

Jul 24, 2008

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When writing content for a website the main thing to constantly be thinking about is how to target after peoples emotions.

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when writing

1) Be honest: People can tell for the most part when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes so you should be upfront. People will pick up on your passion and truth in your writing and are more willing to listen. 2) Stimulate the 5 senses: Have you ever gone to buy a car and had a salesman say don’t sit in that car. Of course not, that is because they want you to get in and feel the seat, touch the steering wheel, smell the new car smell so that your senses will be stimulated. In writing describe in great detail how something smells or tastes so a reader can have their senses feel as if they are actually seeing or smelling. 3) Tell a Story: Everyone loves a good story. Ever watched a great show and then when it gets to the really good part you here to be continued… and you can’t believe that it just stopped like that. That is how you know you were watching a good story. In writing take your readers through a journey and engage people as if you were telling them a story across the dinner table. 4) Paint a Picture: When describing different parts or items be vivid in the descriptions. The more descriptive you describe something the better a reader can be engaged. Let your reader be able to see exactly how their life would be after they purchase your product or service. 5) Promise Benefits: Here is where you claim how great your product is and why it is the best. Tell the reader how your product will increase their productivity, save them time, help them run faster or whatever it may be. Outline the benefits of your products and paint the picture of what it will do for them specifically. 6) Use Power Words: Always use power words when you are speaking, Words like just, only, maybe are all weak. Use action words to provide excitement and show your product in action. 7) Don’t talk down: You want to speak to the individual as if they are sitting next to you so use a friendly voice. Don’t ever talk down to your readers as if you are better than they are. You should be the expert on the subject so they are looking to you as the authority on the subject, yet they don’t want to feel stupid.

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