A Few Websites We Love and Why

Sep 17, 2014

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These http’s Deserve a Standing Ovation

Some websites are extremely useful, others are amazing and some are just downright cool. Here are some of our favorites.

Useful Websites

asana.com – free teamwork without email. Great website.

teamwork without email

wrike.com – same idea but with more options. After free trial it costs $50 a month.

all-in-one collaboration and project management software

join.me – helps you meet if you are to busy to meet. Screen sharing. Great for college projects.

better meetings for all

surfly.com – same idea, great website.

web sharing, screen sharing

stickk.com – if you have a hard time keeping resolutions, this is for you.

commit to it, goal setting

livestream.com – livestream any event anywhere, for free.

broadcast anything from anywhere

Amazing Websites

nationalgeographic.com – this is an incredible view into the life of the mighty lion. How did they get those shots?!

the serengeti lion

thehobbit.com – incredible design. Amazing website.

middle-earth, the desolation of smaug

jam3.com – this site will blow you away. Really cool design elements.

storytelling technology

Cool Websites

Here are some others that are just fun to check out.

http://www.youshouldwrite.com/ – ever had writers block? Then this is for you.

http://youarelistening.to/chicago – who knew that police chatter mingled with music could soothe you so much?

https://www.tripit.com/ – love to vacation? then this is for you!

http://www.3minutejournal.com/ – have a hard time keeping a journal? Use this.

http://like.allmyfaves.com/like/site/name/knoala.com – one of the best apps if you have kids, or if you act like one.

Have any other website you love!? Tell us about them!

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