A More Personalized SEO Approach

Mar 5, 2012

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Search Engines Are Growing Arms and Legs

Where Search Engines Are Headed

I just read a very insightful article from SearchEngineWatch.com, SEO & Personalization: An Evolving Relationship. It basically outlines how Google and other search engines are becoming more and more human, meaning that they are starting to lean more towards the opinions and votes of actual human beings when it comes to search results.

In the article, John McCoy touches on the fact that a lot of SEOs feel that traditional search engine optimization tactics are dying. They aren’t.

“As we move forward, we still have to concentrate on indexing, ‘crawlability,’ and information organization. We’re only being asked to think outside the box and to create content of quality that generate attention. We will need to think more about the returning visitor and being in one’s Google Web History, than so intently focused on the new visitor.”

SEOs Can Be Human Too

In the past, I used to feel like a robot myself. I would wake up and perform the same SEO routines for each client, making sure my link builder was on task and producing his “x” amount of links for the day while I posted blogs on every website I could think of. Then I noticed that my hands were turning into metal. I was losing focus on the value of real, unique, relevant content that people actual enjoy reading and sharing with people. That is what SEO is all about now. It makes sense, right? Just as Google can be more human-friendly, so can SEOs…..since we kind of already are humans.

Rather than barfing up keywords all over our content, we should take a more personalized SEO approach and actually start focusing on putting ourselves in an Internet user’s shoes. What do they want to read? What would they want to share with their friends? What annoys them the most about a website, and how do we veer away from that?


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