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Mar 17, 2014

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Creative Cloud vs. Creative Suite

Design professionals around the world can relate to the feeling of anxious anticipation when the newest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite is about to be released. It’s like an album drop from your favorite band, except cooler because you can make awesome stuff with it! Now though, all that has changed. Rather than release its programs in package format, users now download updated versions of the apps regularly, and they pay for it with a monthly subscription (Creative Cloud). Just in case you’re not familiar with the products, here are a few of the most popular along with a sentence or two about what they are good for:


Used for photo editing and layout composition. It’s seriously amazing what you can do to a photo with this program!


Used mostly for logo design and illustrations…hence the name. This program creates things in vector format, meaning that no matter how far you zoom in, you won’t see any pixelation.


Used for page layouts (a.k.a. designing brochures, flyers, etc.) and is super intuitive.

To find out more about the Adobe Creative Cloud products and what they can be used for, check out Adobe’s website. For help designing a company website or other marketing needs, you can count on us at Innovation Simple!

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