A World Made of Adobe

Mar 10, 2014

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Kings of Creative Design

For decades, Adobe has been the big name in creative, digital production. A few years ago, just about every professional in the industry was using Adobe products, or was at least familiar with them. Nowadays, in a world where photography, video production, and web design are not just for the pros, Adobe has caught on with the masses. Here are a few things that are helping them do it:

Creating a Culture:

As has been mentioned in other blog posts, companies like Apple and Adobe are masters at branding. Adobe has taken the image of the creative guy who can make incredible things using their software, and then make it even cooler with appealing videos and bios. They appeal to the masses who want to be like that guy but aren’t necessarily experts with technical software.

Creating Usability:

Anyone with a basic understanding of design techniques and how to use a computer can sit down with an Adobe program and figure out how to do at least SOMETHING. Still, while their software is useful to even a novice designer, professionals spend entire careers without ever fully mastering all of the program features. Always having complete mastery just beyond reach pushes them to be more creative and deeper in the Adobe community.

Create Dependence:

Lastly, and probably the most ingenious marketing technique that Adobe has used, is the dependence that they create in young artists. Making products substantially cheaper for students, Adobe lays claim on just about every creative pursuit those students will ever undertake. Once you’ve become proficient with Adobe programs in school, you’re not very likely to start using something else once you’re student discount is no more.

And that, kids, is how Adobe is taking over the world.

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