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Oct 10, 2008

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Every industry has its own type of questions that people ask over and over again. There are a couple things you could do:

1. Keep answering the questions

2. Put a list of FAQ on your website with your answers

3. Print out a sheet with FAQ

My advice is to do number 2 and 3. By placing some of the most frequently asked questions on your website it will decrease the amount of questions that people ask over and over. Plus it will allow you to refer customers to your website.

Often  people do not use their website as a tool. A website should have enough information on it that a customer can receive a lot of answers and information without having to talk to customer service reps. You should always refer people to your website as much as possible.

For example lets say you are asking me a question and I answer it along with another one, this is perfect to be answering peoples questions but far to many people miss the chance to send people to their website. In this instance I would answer the questions and then say “we have a lot more information on our website as well that might be of use to you”.

Remember the purpose of having a website is to help you sell whatever you offer whether it is a product or service. Having a FAQ page is by far one of the most useful tools to have on your website. Use your website as a you would use a roomful of customer service reps and sales reps.

This is why having a website is so useful is because it can do a lot of the repititious answering and taking orders and free up your time to do other things. Having a website is supposed to make your company look bigger and the best way to do that is to let it answer a lot of the frequently asked questions so you do not have to.

Let your website do a lot of the hard work.

This will help you in your marketing efforts greatly. Search engines also can see that you have frequently asked pages and know that your website is trying to of benefit to users and they love that.

When building a FAQ page there are different ways to do it. You might do the top 10 questions or whatever you feel are the most asked questions. Always allow for people to go back to the top of the page after each question and answer as this will help them find things fast as well.

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