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Dec 18, 2009

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The internet is becoming a lot more of a social and networking platform which enables more than just webmasters to be involved, but everyone no matter what their background, religion, gender, location, or any thing else. In point the question now is not what can the web do for me, but what can I do for the web? It is human nature to want to be around other people and to see their faces and hear their voices. In general humans like to converse and always have. This is the philosophy behind the social networking and web 2.0 platforms. The thought that if a company built a platform that enabled people to contribute content to for free was at first different, but became huge simply because people like to converse with others. The internet allows people to converse all over the world. So how does adding to conversations that are happening right now benefit companies that wish to market online and get traffic. It means that you have to go out and start talking about who you are as a company and giving your two cents so to speak throughout the web. The more a company is constantly adding to the conversations on the web through several social mediums, generally the more traffic and higher search engine rankings. It is more of a “what do you bring to the table” question that will help a company realize that if they want the web to help them, they now need to help the web. The best ways to add to the conversation is to create a blog, a forum, a social network profile, rate and review things, give your opinions, and plainly just talk about things that you are an expert in. There has always been the question of why should people listen to me, now with the internet that does not matter as much as the question of, what should I talk about.
conversation wheel for the internet
Do you see the change in thinking and perception. There are always people out in internet land that would love to hear from you. In today’s internet world there is always a group that likes something, your job as a person who wants something from the web is to just give back to the web. In this season of giving make sure you give to the web by adding to the conversations that are happening all over in internet land and you will be surprised as to what present you will get.

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