Awesome, DIY Halloween Costumes

Oct 14, 2014

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That You Can Do Too

Have you ever seen a killer costume you wish you had? Well in this post we’ll look at the coolest DIY halloween costumes you can make from the comfort of your home. Whether you are trying to be the talk of the town, market a cool idea or just make others smile there’s bound to be inspiration for you.

Food or Condiments

Dress up as bacon, a ketchup bottle or get a group of friends together and become the hot sauce packets from Taco Bell. All of these ideas would take an hour of less. Go get some cloth or find an outfit in the color you need. Then make some paper cutouts and pin them to your outfit. Easy and awesome.

Popular Kids Toys

Create a lego costume with old boxes and plates and walk around singing “Everything is awesome!” Actually on second thought, just make the cool lego costume. You could also use those old boxes to make yourself into an iPod then walk around all day singing on as if you are on shuffle.

Wear Puns

These costumes are my very favorite. They are for those of us who are lazy but still like to have a good time. For example, to dress up as a “Quarter-Pounder with Cheese” all you need is a hammer a quarter and a smile. Or you could get a white shirt and draw the “buffering” sign you see on the internet and when people ask you what you are you can tell them you have bad internet and your costume is still loading. Here’s a list to get your mind going.


Dressing up as a trend is a fabulous idea. These can be simple as writing “book” across your face or as extravagant as becoming a look-a-like a famous celebrity or political figure. Movie characters, other holidays like Christmas or Easter, religious figures and many many more. Find some fun ideas on pinterest.

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