Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Jul 5, 2011

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Cloud Computing is an internet-based computer network, where a resource, software and applications are shared to be utilized by other computers connecting to it. This is a whole new form of computing concept. Why is this novel concept referred to as cloud computing? It is because the internet is often visualized as a big cloud consisting of a large network of computers connected to each other.

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In essence cloud computing can be defined as a set of computers connected together sharing applications stored on the internet-based server allowing thousands of users from all around the world to access something without having to download and install anything on their own computers. An example of this would be Google Docs.

So what is the big deal about cloud computing? What makes it so fabulous? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Savings Through Reduced Energy Usage: Using cloud computing technology the need to maintain room temperatures to cool down servers goes down compared to the old way of computing.
  • Easy Backup & Recovery: Servers that run inside a virtual machine can be stored in one image file containing the entire system configuration and settings. In case a server crashes, you don’t have to scratch from beginning to perform reinstallation and reconfiguration. Simply take a copy of the saved image, restore data from last backup and the server will be back up and running again. You can save time, effort and resources.
  • Easy Deployment: Virtual servers can be cloned as much as possible and can be run on another machine without having to change configuration, hence reducing the workload of IT staff and expediting the process.
  • Maintenance & Management Made Easy: Fewer number of servers will automatically reduce the time and cost to manage servers.
  • Slashing Of Hardware Costs: Companies can cut down on hardware investment because by using cloud computing they do not have to purchase additional servers, peripherals and other network gear.
  • Lesser Space Demands: The fewer the number of servers the less space needed to store the network equipment, the server is placed on a shared server or data center.
  • Hardware Standardization: Hardware virtualization in cloud computing involves emulation and encapsulation so that the process of introduction and removal of a particular hardware can be carried out with ease.
  • Easy Replacement and Upgrading: Replacing or upgrading a server specification can be easier to execute using cloud computing. If the parent server is overloaded and specifications are not sufficient anymore, we can easily upgrade the specification or move a virtual machine to another, more powerful server.

There are plenty of benefits in working with cloud computing, and many outweigh the reasons why not to use cloud computing. Cloud computing is still growing and many government bodies and company organizations already use this type of network for their businesses. This type of computing allows them to focus on what matters and not to worry about technology side of things. Cloud computing does have its place, though it is not for all companies.

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