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Mar 31, 2010

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Today I wanted to throw out the question of who is the best seo company? I know there are a lot of companies in the world that do seo, but there has got to be one that is known throughout the world above and beyond everyone else. There is a website called which will show a lot of seo companies and put them in a ranking order according to several metrics.
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As you can see from this screenshot from that a seo company called Increase Visibility is number 1 and then the list goes down from there. There are several columns that they have used to help determine the best seo company like how long they have been in business, how many employees they have, how much annual revenue is generated, how many active clients they have and some of their example clients they work for. At the end of all of that you can see an overall score which is the main factor in helping to determine the rankings of the individual seo companies. There is one company that I do not see on there on a consistent basis and that is SEOMoz. I know that SEOMoz is changing their business model from being a consulting company to being a software company, but I would still think that they would be on the list since they have done a lot of seo for companies. Another company I did not see in the top 50 was Distilled who is out of the UK and is now partnered with SEOMoz to take over the seo consulting side of the business in which they will take over all of the seo clients. I find it very interesting that neither of them are on the top 5o seo companies list from I would like to get some feedback as to who you think is the Best SEO Company In The World. Please leave a comment saying who you think the best seo company is.
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