Beware of the "Unlimited Hosting Plan"

Dec 28, 2010

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The Primary Issue

5 years ago (or so), unlimited hosting was virtually non-existent. The reason it was non-existent is because there is a finite amount of traffic and space that a web server can handle. Fast forward to 2010, all major shared hosting providers have “unlimited hosting plans”, however, there is no change is the way that hosting works. There is still a finite amount of disk space and bandwidth that a server can handle (even a cloud server).

The reason why the web hosting industry is where it is today (with unlimited hosting plans) is because the industry has become so competitive. One host started offering unlimited hosting plans and now all major shared hosts do. Beware of low priced or “unlimited” hosting plans that guarantee up-time, offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. These plans are “oversold” which means – shared hosts will oversell the server with shared accounts assuming that not all the accounts will use many resources. Its like how the airline industry oversells seats on each flight. Eventually, all the seats that were sold, get taken and someone doesn’t get to go home for Christmas.

Being that servers DO have limits on them, eventually something has to give. This creates a potential problem that eventually affects all the websites on a particular server. For example, if one website on a shared hosting plan starts getting too much traffic or they overload the server by taking up to much disk space, the first option that big shared hosting companies can do it shut down that website. That is the best case scenario. If that is your website, you will be upset. However, the worst is yet to come. If one hosting customer uses too much disk space, some hosts have been known to cancel the account without explanation to “save the server” and the other customers involved. Beware of the “unlimited hosting plan”. With shared hosting you share the server with other companies and no hosting company can stay in business with “unlimited” resources, the logistics just don’t make much sense.

The Secondary Issues

In addition to this main issue with unlimited hosting plans that I have outlined, most major shared hosting plans are:

  • SLOW
  • Cookie Cutter Solutions
  • Lack Security and PCI Compliance
  • Up-time is Poor
  • Full of Spam and Blacklist Potential

Beware of the “Unlimited Hosting Plan”. Innovation Simple servers are cloud servers and offer the most cutting edge technology available in the industry. Our servers are faster than any shared host on the market including GoDaddy, 1&1, BlueHost, etc, etc. Check out our cloud hosting packages and give us a try.

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