Black Friday Is Back…and Better!

Nov 22, 2013

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big Black Friday shopper. I always plan to go, and then get too tired, and then wake up to hear about all the awesome deals my friends found on laptops, cameras, and clothes. But whether or not you’re a dedicated Black Friday shopper, you should know that this year is going to be different!

First of all, this year Black Friday is starting at 6pm on Thursday! Yes, that’s right! Walmart has announced that they will be opening their doors for Black Friday shopping on the evening on Thanksgiving Day. That means you don’t have to wait until you’re ready for bed to start your Black Friday shopping. These are just a few of the deals that Walmart has already released in anticipation for the big day!

But Walmart is not the only place that has listed their Black Friday deals in advance! Black Friday experts are scoping out and sharing deals daily! This site is one of many sites where you can compare Black Friday sales at different stores and see just what it is that each store is offering. Don’t go into Black Friday blindly; you have all the resources to plan out your Black Friday perfectly!

So before you decide to give up on Black Friday altogether, consider this year as a second chance to really get the upperhand on Black Friday shopping!

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