Branding the Unbrandable

Feb 26, 2014

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Is there such a thing as an unbrandable product? Today we will explore a couple products that are close to unbrandable. We could of course brand them and sell them. Let me know how you would brand the following:

Deluxe Toilet Plunger (chrome plunger with a leather handle) – You are a man of luxury. Everything you have is luxurious. Now you can unclog your toilet, in luxury. How does that work?

Tap Water – Drink the water without the bottle. Choose to be green and stay clean.

Ice – Ice so cold it’ll make your drinks cold.

Red paper clips – 10% of the income of these paper clips will be donated to orphans in Africa.

Adult Diapers – Live like you were young. We’ve got your back.

Packaging peanuts – I imagine a commercial of kids diving into packaging peanuts head first and coming out unscathed. Protect what you care about.

PT Cruisers – Alright I give up. This one is impossible.

What products do you need to brand? I’ll admit that these branding efforts are all in jest. Rest assured that we can brand any product. Leave a comment of an unbrandable product and we will do our best to brand it well.

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