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Sep 4, 2008

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When building links to your website it is vital to make them look as natural as possible. You do not want to be a one hit wonder meaning that you are solely going after one keyword. As you build links they have to show a variety of anchor text.

If the relation proportion is high for a selected term used in the anchor text then the search engines see it as a sign of unnatural. This means that the anchor text pointing back to a site is all one word then that shows unnatural proportion to the way a website receives natural inbound links.Therefore it is critical to not have one keyword excessively used as anchor text pointing back to a website.

Also it is very good to have backlinks point back to other pages of the site other than the home page. This will improve the deep link ratio. The higher the deep link ratio the more it will look natural as people link to pages that they like. Sometimes that is not the home page of a website.

From experience I know it is very important to not be over aggressive for a keyword. After completely going after a keyword and not mixing up my backlink anchor text Google pushed me back in the results.

To get yourself out of situations like this you will want to mix up the words that point back to your website. Also it will be very important to look more natural as you try to get yourself out of this hole. Remember to use your keyword clusters and also use a variety of different websites to build links.

It will be best to use a combination of different methods to build your links like directories, blogs, articles, press releases, video, social networks and other ways of building inbound links. This will show more natural progression of a website.

This will help you if you are trying to hard of going after one keyword phrase. So as you are building your websites growth remember to not try to solely go after one word like a laser or you will be flagged by the search engines.

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