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Oct 8, 2008

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Every website owner is looking to rank well in the search engines for certain keywords and the majority of those times it is for big keywords. These tier 1 keywords that bring in the most traffic also have the most competition and that is why it takes longer to rank well for those keyword strings.

The best way to start to build your authority for something is to have content on many different topics that fit within the umbrella of the major keyword. The more information you have about something the more of an authority you look like to the search engines.

Lets say for example you are talking about trucks which is a major keyword, you would like to have content that talks about all different things that have to do with trucks. You could have information on how to change a truck tire, information on truck seats, truck lifts, truck bedliners, truck towing packages, truck paint, truck mud flaps, truck engines, truck transmissions, and more.

The more information you provide about anything having to do with trucks the more authority the site will get for the keyword authority.

Search engines know how to relate information and in this instance would be able to detect that all of these different articles of information would increase the authority for the term trucks. So if you were trying to get your site listed in the search results for the keyword trucks you would have a better chance if you had information on many different topics about trucks than not.

As the search engine looks at your site it will rank you higher in the search results for these individual articles that have long keyword phrases but it will also increase the power and authority of the major keyword trucks.

So if you are looking to get into the top spots for a major keyword and want to have that authority start thinking about what type of informaiton surrounds that word or topic and write information about it. As you do this you will be able to broaden your keyword authority for the almighty tier 1 keyword phrase that you want to rank well.

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