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Aug 12, 2008

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One of the most important parts of having on online business is to generate leads. In internet marketing the money is in the list. What does that mean by the money is in the list. Capturing information from people who visit your website. This is where they give you at least their first name and email.

A good way to capture information from people who subscribe to your website is by building what is called a squeeze page or splash page. This is a simple page that is by itself that does not have tabs or linksto other pages etc. This webpage offers some type of offer to people whether it be information or a product. It gives a visitor two options:

1. Sign up for the offer

2. Get out

It is that simple. So here are some basic points to remember when building a squeeze page or a capture page:

1. A preamble headline: This is usually a disqualifying headline in the form of a if question, if you are looking to…?

2. Headline: This is very important and must grab the readers attention. This is where th visitor will make their decision of either to stay or leave.

3. Sub-Headline: This is what will support the main headline, builds anticipation, and provokes a call to action.

4. Bullets: bullets are what lays out what the offer will help the visitor with. This is where you lay out all of the benefits. Best foot forward. These must also invoke a reader to take action. Pull at their emotions.

5. Sign-up form: Really simple you need a form where a visitor can opt-in to receiving the offer. First name and email will be the least to get and promote more subscribers. Keep it very simple.

6. Bribe: This is the most important. This is where you tell the visitor what they will receive for putting in their information. It has to be very good. The offer must be good enough for a visitor to be willing to just hand over their information so you have to expound on why they can’t miss out on your offer. Remember your cost. If you are shipping a product and it cost you make sure you do your homework on what you can give without dipping into the profits. Offering a free e-book, step by step information, or how to information will be free for you as they can download it and the process is simple.

These are the basic components of a splash page or capture page. The more people you have that have voluntarily given you their information the more people you can market to. That is why internet marketers say “the money is in the list”.

Using a email marketing system like Aweber, Getresponse, Icontact, Constant Contact will help you to comply with all Can Spam requirements. These systems will help you in your email marketing efforts.

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