Car Soap and SEO: Clean Tips to Selling

Jan 8, 2013

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There are 4,912,843 product lines related to the automobile washing industry.
(Source: United States Census Bureau 2007

Sales tip #1 People have options

With nearly 5 billion car cleaning or polishing products infused into the market, how could the owner of this vehicle have missed his opportunity? Perhaps he had no access to running water. Or perhaps there was something more important than a shiny clean car at this moment in time. People have options. One of them is simply not to purchase. So let’s pursue this analogy a bit further.

Sales tip #2 Target the right buyer

If you were selling car cleaning product door to door, you may select to search the driveways up and down a given street for clean shiny cars. Not dirty ones. Why? Because you want to target the right buyer. If the vehicle is dirty you can not ascertain with clarity whether or not a clean car is indeed a priority. But, where you to find the car to be squeaky clean, you could likely surmise that it is clean because it was washed. And you could likewise assume that it was washed utilizing product similar to what it is you are attempting to sell. Thus, knocking on the door of homes with clean cars in the driveway may improve your sales numbers.

Sales tip #3 Target those who will buy again

While it may be true that either type of driver, those with clean cars, or those with dirty cars, may purchase product. Consider this. Which drivers would likely continue to purchase your product? Answer: the person using the product; the driver of a clean car. By speaking to someone who understands the need for your products, you are increasing the likelihood for future sales. Your time is best spent among those that would likely buy from you again and again.

Sales tip #4 So it is with search engine optimization (SEO)

Why would anyone create a website such that people may or may not happen across it. Better to discover a way to find those most likely to be interested in your website and your products. If you were optimizing your website to serve clients searching for car soap, you would discover key search words associated with those client searches and integrate them into your website. Roughly 22,000 searches a month utilize “car soap” as the key search term (Google Adwords Jan. 2013). A website that states “Make your buggy pretty like the day you bought it” may be missing those searching for car soap!

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