CEO's Talk About Google TV

May 24, 2010

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Google TV is the new thing that is being talked about in the entertainment industry and at Google I/O all of the CEO’s of the major companies involved sat down to talk about the new wave of television. Included on the panel was the CEO of Google, Sony, Logitech, Adobe, Best Buy and more.

The television is what is now called the traditional media and the internet is often called the new media. With the new technology of the internet now moving into the space of the television the power of both entertainment mediums are now joined forces. Here is a sneak peek at what Google TV looks like.

This is exciting times for those who like to get things now or find things now, which Google has trained all of us that we can do, now we can just do it on TV. This will make for some interesting times as web designers will have to remember that there will soon be a lot of internet users who will be looking at websites on 40″ screens or bigger.

In my next post I will talk about what type of changes web designers have to make for developing for larger screens.

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