Cheap Ways To Cool Down During The Summer

Jul 1, 2014

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cheap ways to cool off in the summer

Hot summer? Here are cheap ways to cool down.

1) Run Through The Sprinklers

This goes back to when I was a kid. If you have a yard with a sprinkler system, you’re miles ahead of your apartment dweller friends. Turn the sprinklers on and run through them with your kids. Another option is to water your lawn with your hose and just douse yourself in water every once in a while. Either way, you are doing yard work and cooling off at the same time while spending virtually nothing.

2) Swim in The City Pool

Creative huh, go swimming. But really, the older we get the less frequently we take advantage of the easiest way to cool off. Most cities have a recreation center with a pool in some shape or form. A day pass usually tops off at about eight bucks, leaving you with little excuse to not spend the money. Go take a dip. Swimming is a great way to relax, exercise and just unwind from the stresses of regular life.

3) Stash The Ice Cream

Ice cream is glorious. Are you ever in a bad mood when you’re eating ice cream? I didn’t think so. Ice cream is a cheap way to cool off on those miserably hot days. Go someplace like Costco or Sam’s Club and pick up a few gallons to last you those hot months. You can also branch out by picking up ice cream sandwiches or sherbert.

4) Buy a Fan

Hopefully your house has air conditioning. If AC isn’t cutting it, pick up some portable fans from the store. Fans can greatly cool off a room and get that extra air flow that you need. You can purchase a fan for just $10 or so at Walmart or Target. You can really cool off with your fan by dampening your shirt or splashing water in your hair.

5) Take a cold shower

This is for those truly desperate times. If a day is hot and miserable, hop in the shower and turn it on cold. Cold showers may only be for the truly adventurous, but they are another free way to cool down if you don’t feel like jumping into a pool. A cold shower is refreshing and will have a cooling effect on you for a few hours or so.

What other ideas do you have? What cheap/creative ways do you cool down during the summer months?

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