Christmas According to Joe

Dec 25, 2013

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Christmas is a many splendored thing. Christmas serves as a reminder that we should be happy. People often fall into the holiday blues and are let down by false expectations. This holiday should be about the simple things in life.

Christmas should be about human interaction. Christmas should be about love. Not necessarily romantic love (though it never hurt). I refer to a less vibrant and more empowering love. A love for life, a love for strangers, and a love for oneself.

If you celebrate Christmas I hope you enjoy it. If not here are a few recommendations from my life. You can discredit them to my youth but they’ve worked for me.

    1. Drop the gifts. Honestly no one needs them. Give of yourself. Give your time.
    2. Travel and serve. People always want to stay home for Christmas. The pressure to make things perfect is too high at home. Escape. Go somewhere new and look for a good service project. Make someone else’s Christmas perfect.
    3. Put on the Christmas tunes. Kick off your shoes and dance. Embrace your inner child.
    4. Don’t expect anything. Christmas is what you make of it. Don’t try to make too much of it. Christmas should be simple.
    5. Remind people that you care. Christmas is one of the few times of the year where you can get away with cheesy remarks. Tell people you care. They may have forgotten. And even if they haven’t, a reminder can do no harm.

That is Christmas according to me. That has been Christmas for as long as I can remember.

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