Christmas Party Fashion

Nov 29, 2013

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The Art of Being Fashionably Festive

It’s that time of year. With another Thanksgiving under that slightly tighter belt, we turn our attention toward Christmas and all of its festivities. The upcoming weeks will likely be filled with one Christmas party after another, ranging from family get-togethers to the office parties and more. It’s normal to wonder what one should wear to each of these events, as they vary in formality and setting. Here are some guidelines and ideas for the guys out there that might struggle a bit:

For Christmas Eve with extended family: You’re going to be with a lot of people, posing for a lot of pictures, so it’s important to look good without trying too hard. I recommend embracing the Christmas colors in a shirt/sweater combo with nice jeans or chinos. Try a grey or white sweater with a green or red patterned shirt.

For a semi-formal work party: Anytime you’re in a semi-formal setting, it’s important that you dress to impress without looking like you’ve got something to prove. The key to this is taking the elements of a formal wardrobe and then wandering just a little off the beaten path with them. One way to do this is to wear slacks with a colored blazer and then mix and match colors and patterns with the shirt/tie/pocket square combo, once again focusing on Christmas colors. Patterned socks are a great way to go the extra mile here. Try tan slacks, a navy blazer and a red gingham shirt with a matching red pocket square, patterned red socks and a knitted grey tie or scarf.

For Christmas with college friends: This is an excuse to go a little crazy and show your personality. Flaunt your festive spirit with one of those ridiculous Christmas sweaters or get really creative and fun by using turtlenecks, cardigans and suspenders. The idea is to look a little bit over-the-top while still doing a good job of matching patterns and colors. Try combining white corduroys with a green and red plaid shirt and some matching suspenders. Again, patterned socks are a must.

Good luck and enjoy the free food!

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