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Aug 22, 2014

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So Much More Than Just Recycled Tires

Did you know that non recycled tires are a serious environmental hazard? With 2 million discarded tires a year, that adds up to a lot of pollution and waste ruining our planet. But tire recycling companies help to put a stop to harmful waste ruining our environment. As a marketing company in Utah, we are proud to help support one of our local Utah tire recycling companies, Western Tire Recyclers. We wanted to spotlight this innovative company with a blog post on our own company blog.

The Company

When you think of tire recycling, mulch and playground tire chips probably come to mind. And that’s great, because those are two uses for recycled tires. But have you ever thought about cows? We didn’t either until we came in contact with Western Tire Recyclers. They take old tires and turn them into water tanks for farms. While these tanks can be used for many purposes, they serve best as watering tanks for cows and other farm animals.

A quote from Western Tire Recycler’s Website:

“These tanks are indestructible. They resist bullets, ice, bulls, and wildlife. They won’t rust and will ultimately last a lifetime. These tire water tanks are government approved for cost share programs and are incredibly easy to install.”

Not to mention that these water tanks have a lifetime guarantee.

How To Contribute

Tire recycling is a complex process, but all you have to do is bring in your tires to Western Tire Recyclers and they will take care of the rest! They take in the smallest car tire to the largest bulldozer’s tire! Size doesn’t matter.

If you would like more information about Western Tire Recyclers, check out this video to get an inside look to tire recycling!

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