Closing Ratio

Aug 4, 2008

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Tracking your sales and how much traffic it takes to receive those sales are important numbers to know when trying to improve. This is known as your closing ratio. Your closing ratio is a measure that tells you your percentage of closes relative to your total attempts. Basically telling you how many people it takes to get a sale.

First you have to have some form of tracking software tied to your website so that you can see the statistics. You now will do some testing to see what transpires. Set a period of time like a week or two and gather the stats of how many visitors came to your site and how many sales you had during that time period.

So if you had 1000 visitors to your site in that time period and made 20 sales then your closing ratio would be the number of sales divided by visitors ( 20/1000) or 2%.

To see how many visitors you need to make 1 sale then divide the number of visitors by your sales (1000/20). So in this case it would take 50 visitors to make 1 sale.

This will help you to know what you need to do to make some changes to your website. For example you may want to change your headlines, or the way you present the products, or the way you ask for the money. Finding out what works best is well worth your time and money.

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